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What makes us different?

This is what I do!  There are many 'college advisors' out there, and when making the investment, please be sure to shop around and make a wise choice from the start.   Many of those claiming to be college advisors are not members of any professional organization.  Some claim to be 'experts' simply because they have had their own children go through the process. Others claim their ivy league education provides you with a secret key to get in.  There are also professionals in the community working in the financial arena and claim to 'know' everything there is to know about standardized testing, essays and where you should apply to get the most money.  While trends occur, anyone telling you they can guide you and guarantee your son or daughter "X amount of dollars" is simply not telling the truth.  They aren't getting your son or daughter merit aid.  Your son or daughter is earning their merit aid award during high school. While parents learn a lot going through the process, it is not possible to predict trends and nearly impossible to keep up with changes to the 'rules' each year.  No one has a special key to get you into an Ivy League, and the best college advisors help your student find their best fit.  We have had students attend every Ivy League Insitution and are more than happy to help students pursue this dream, but more importantly, we take pride in our 4 year college graduation rate which is nearly 100%.  THIS is the best way to save your family money - by choosing the school your student 'wants' to graduate from in 4 years.  According to national statistics, less than 50% of students starting college full time actually graduate in 4 years.

I limit my caseload to ensure your student and family get the best service possible.  Students are able to express their goals and dreams and given a space to develop them (something that isn't possible when counselor:student ratios are so high in the public and most private school systems).

More info about Owner, Nicole Smith: 

Nicole has been working with students for more than 27 years and is contantly staying up on best practices by attending seminars, conferences, and keeping her foot in the college world.  One of her proudest accomplishments while working at The College Board headquarters in NYC, was being part of the team that redesigned the Fall School Counselor Workshop attended by thousands of high school counselors across the country each year.  She was invited to sit on Drexel University's inaugural Admissions Advisory Board and served on it from 2016-2018.   Nicole is currently a part-time summer academic advisor at Rutgers University and teaches a required class for transfer students called Student Transition Success Seminar and an Academic Success Seminar for students placed on academic probation.  Nicole has traveled to more than 50 college campuses in the last 7 years (and more than 250 during her career).  She is a professional member (the highest level) of the IECA (the largest and most respected organization dealing with educatioanal consultants in the world!). 

In addition to earning her Masters Degree in School Counseling/Counseling Psychology from Boston University, she is a Professional Member in IECA.  She has an office in Clinton, NJ, and also works with students throughout the country via Zoom.   In her free time, she enjoys activities with her two children, running with her dog, and playing pickleball or golf with friends!

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