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What We Offer: 

Comprehensive Plan (Junior/Senior Plan)-- Meetings (via Zoom or in-person) with students and their families.  Sessions are individualized and we empower students by engaging and educating them.  Students will be provided with college lists based on their strengths, learning needs and goals, and will be guided in the college admissions process from start to end.  This may include aptitude testing, assistance with high school course selection and extracurricular activities, campus visit planning, interviewing practice, standardized testing advice with a recommended test-taking schedule after offering full-length SAT and ACT diagnostic exams, monitoring of on-line testing assistance, essays (up to eight - brainstorming and developing ideas and overseeing development of the first draft), all applications, resume, and reviewing school records.  Guiding students needing art portfolios and offering information on best practices in athletic recruiting (option for art professional evaluation). Helping students and parents fill out a guidance packet when applicable, and deciding which teachers and outside recommenders should submit letters on students behalf.  Help is provided on deciding whether to apply Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision for maximum chance at admission.  Educating families on merit scholarship and financial aid.  Helping students with scholarship essays and finding shadow or internship experiences.  Guidance on filling out FAFSA, CSA profile, and appealing financial award determinations.  Assisting with final school choice and transition to college.  ​The Comprehensive Package includes access to an exclusive website to keep all of us on track and on time.  The student is the main contact for this work;  parents are welcome to join in on key meetings or in separate consultations.   Typically students average 20 full hour sessions in addition to communicating through their personalized Next Step College Planner Pro site which enables student to have unlimited  communication (maximum of 25 hours total).​The national average for this service is $6,450 according to data gathered from the largest educational consultant organization in the USA (IECA - 1/1/2022), and while many of us in the field are talented, you will be hard pressed to find someone with more than 27 years of work experience in the settings most important to advising your student. The rewards and benefits for each family and student are many when you choose to work with us.   We are confident the student and family will have the tools needed to take the next step and make the best college and career choice for them.  


​Consults are available for parents and their students  (8th, 9th and 10th graders).  For parents of 9th and 10th graders wanting more time to learn about the process, we offer up to 3 single sessions prior to junior year to determine if the comprehenisive plan is the way to go.  All single session payments can be applied to the cost of the Comprehensive Plan listed at the top of this page.  If parents lock in and reserve a spot in the Comprehensive Plan during freshman or sophomore year, we meet every 4 months until junior year begins at no additional cost.  


Summer Application/Essay Bootcamps and Individual Sessions 

To register and see dates please view the Plans and Pricing Tab or call 908-642-8509 to discuss alternative dates.


A la carte Appointments are available for juniors not able to secure a spot in our comprehensive plan, in addition to seniors and transfers if space permits.

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