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                                                              Policies and Procedures

Payments can be made via credit card by logging onto OR by a check made payable to to Next Step Advising, LLC OR via credit card at time of service in office.   Please see your contract for precise information on due dates.


It is the client’s responsibility to be aware of their next appointment.  If appointments need to be changed, kindly give a 48 hour notice. It is important to keep meetings especially during the application and essay season where more than two in-person meetings may occur each month.  Students and Parents can set up appointment reminders and text reminders on MyCollegePlannerPro.  Please be prepared to arrange next appointment at your current appointment time.  If appointment is cancelled, there is no guarantee a spot will be available within the next 14 days.  For a successful college search and application process, attending meetings is key.  ****If you are sick, please let me know as soon as possible and I will give you priority in rescheduling.  I would prefer you take care of your health rather than attending a meeting and spreading your germs.


Unlimited email contact via MyCollegePlannerPro is included with your package.  Parents are encouraged to attend key meetings and can also use MyCollegePlannerPro to update college lists, request appointment changes, and ask questions.  Emails via MyCollegePlannerPro will be returned promptly (within 24 hours - excluding Sundays).  Maximum of 25 hours of in person, phone, and editing is permitted with comprehensive plan.

A la Carte Services:


Including work with Seniors that aren’t part of a comprehensive package, transfer students, career coaching clients, adult coaching clients:


Payments are due at time of service.  Credit cards are accepted or a check should be made payable to “Next Step Advising, LLC”.

Additional texting/phone calls/editing via google docs will cost $50/15 minutes (billed in 15 minute increments).


Revised: June 2019

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