I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you did.  Your knowledge, insight, encouragement, and kindness was so amazing.  You went above and beyond to help our daughter with her college journey.  It was the best decision we made coming to you for help.  We couldn't have done it without you!!   PS - you will be seeing our son in 3 years!! :-)

Parent of Hunterdon County 2020 graduate

My son and I were so lucky to find Nicole for college advising as she was growing her solo practice.  She met with my son from the end of sophomore year through fall of senior year.  It was such a great experience.  From help with selecting high school classes, to volunteer/leadership activities to boost his college application, to deciding on a list of potential colleges, and completing the college application process...every step of the way...Nicole was invaluable.  Took the focus away me being the 'nag' and my son did everything early and without issue.  Nicole helped with the little things that I would have struggled with...such as linking things online.  I can not say enough how happy we both were with the entire process.  She even helped with the essay and supplementals!  They turned out great.  My son was accepted to 8 of his 10 schools and 7 acceptances with substantial merit money (and my son is not a straight A student with perfect SAT scores).  Nicole helped find the 'best fit' fo him.  I highly recommend her services!

Parent of Hunterdon County 2020 graduate

Nicole, you have been a terrific partner through the entire college application process.  During the first appointment, you helped my daughter select a major based on her interests, and then helped identify schools that met all our criteria.  The entire process was paced well and we were ready with the applications well in advance of deadlines.  My daughter got selected to her dream school.  Thanks for your help!

Parent of Hunterdon County 2020 graduate

What a godsend!  Preparing to tackle all of the college planning for my first child was overwhelming to say the least.  I was referred to Nicole during my son's junior year.  I am so very happy she was there to guide us along the way, making the experience a lot less stressful.  Nicole is very informative and down to earth.  Having her assist my son with the application process helped him stay focused, responsible  and efficient.  I highly recommend Nicole to guide you and your high schooler through the nerve wracking process of college preparation.

Parent of Hunterdon County 2020 graduate

It was a pleasure working with Nicole Smith of Next Step Advising.  We'd highly recommend seeking her expertise in your crucial and overwhelming college search period.  She is personable, approachable, and honest.  She was sure to accommodate our schedule and worked towards finding the 'right fit' for our son.  Looking back, I would do it all over again as her help in time-lining the process made the overwhelming prospect of narrowing down a college a manageable and informative time.  As a working parent and new to the whole college application process, it helped to have Nicole streamline and pave the application road for us.  Good luck on this journey and we hope your child reaps the rewards of her guidance and expertise.

Parent of Hunterdon County 2020 graduate

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