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“Although the college process may seem self explanatory, it was great to have the expertise of Nicole…She has been very accomodating and is current on the latest college admission trends."


Mom of a Senior at NHHS - Class of 2018


“As a high school parent, it can be overwhelming helping your children complete their college applications..I thought I could handle it all on my own but the stress and anxiety set in.  My good friend highly recommneded Nicole. Without hesitation I signed my girls up with her.  With all her expertise in the area, she was able to provide the needed guidance for both my girls and I.  Her friendly and kind nature put the girls at ease and they felt comfortable asking questions, reviewing their essays and exploring different colleges.  I am not sure I could have done this on my own.  Thank you Nicole for providing us with the support we needed with a smile on your face at all times.”


Mom of Senior Twins in Hunterdon County - Class of 2018


“My daughter worked with Nicole Smith at Next Step Advising, LLC.  The one on one attention and the tailored support was awesome.  She knows her stuff, is patient, and understands the stress associated with the entire process.  She is super compassionate.  My daughter is thrilled with the outcome!”


Mom of a Senior at VHS  - Class of 2018

My son was lucky enough to have Ms. Smith as his school counselor for two years (2014-2016).  She is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  When my son was picking his classes for Senior year she carefully looked at the courses he had taken so far and advised him to take a specific science class that she felt would be needed for his intended college major. If he would not have taken her advise, he would not had the required courses to apply to one of his top colleges. No other counselor had ever mentioned that to him or took the time to even discuss required courses for certain majors. What I think is even more important than her knowledge is how she truly cares about the students that she advises.  My son was going through some serious issues at school and she was there for him when no one else was and he always knew he could come to her at any time.  She treated him and cared for him like he was her own son.  As a parent, it made me feel much better knowing I had her there at the school and that she had my son's best interest at heart. Ms. Smith still keeps in touch to see the college process is going and just to check in and see how Trevor is doing.  I highly recommend Nicole Smith for all counseling and advising needs.


Stacey Salvior (parent)

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